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BANGHAM, Mrs. charwoman and messenger, and nurse of Mrs Dorrit in the Marshalsea prison

BARNACLE, Clarence called " Barnacle, Junior.'' son of Mr. Tite Barnacle and employed in the Circumlocution Office.

Lord Decimus Tite, uncle of Mr. Tite Barnacle and in the Circumlocution Office.

Ferdinand, private secretary to Lord Decimus Tite Barnacle.

Mr. Tite, a gentleman high in the Circumlocution Office

BEADLE, Harriet. called 'Tattycoram’ a girl taken from the Foundling Hospital; maid to Minnie Meagles.

BOB. godfather to Little Dorrit, and turnkey at the Marshalsea

CASBY, Christopher, landlord of Bleeding Heart Yard.

CAVELLETTO, John Baptist, a fellow prisoner with Rigaud at Marshalsea: afterwards in the employment of Arthur Clennam.

CHIVER John a non-resident turnkey at the Marshalsea.

Young John, son of the above.

Mrs.. mother of the above.

CLENNAM, Arthur. reputed son of Mrs. Clennam, but really the son of Mr. Clennam by another woman; he marries Little Dorrit.

Mrs., widowed step-mother of the above.

CRIPPLES, Mr. teacher of an academy for evening tuition.

Master son of the above

DAWES, a nurse

DORRIT, Amy. called " Little Dorrit”, daughter of William Dorrit: she marries Arthur Clennam.

Edward, called " Tip," the brother of Little Dorrit.

Fanny, sister of Little Dorrit marries Mr. Edmund Sparkler

Mr. Frederick. brother to Mr William Dorrit.

Mr. William father of Little Dorrit, and a prisoner for debt in the Marshalsea.

DOYCE, Daniel, an engineer who becomes the partner of Arthur Clennam.

FINCHING, Mrs. Flora, a wealthy widow, daughter of Christopher Casby-.

FLINTWINCH, Affery, servant of Mrs. Clennam, and wife of Jeremiah Flintwinch.

Ephraim, twin brother of Jeremiah.

Jeremiah, servant and after wards partner of Mrs. Clennam.

GENERAL, Mrs a widow engaged as, chaperon to Mr. Dorrit's daughters.

GOWAN, Henry, an artist, marries Miss Minnie Meagles.

Mrs., his mother.

HAGGAGE, Doctor, a debtor in the Marshalsea.

JENKINSON, messenger in the Circumlocution Office.

MAGGY granddaughter of Mrs. Bangham and a protege of Little Dorrit.

MAROON, Captain, friend of Captain Barbary, and a creditor of Mr. Edward Dorrit.

MEAGLES, Mr., a retired banker'

Mrs.. his wife.

MINNIE, called " Pet,' daughter of the above, and afterwards wife of Mr. Henry Gowan

MERDLE. Mr., a London banker, who becomes bankrupt and commits, suicide.

Mrs. his wife, mother-in-law to Fanny Dorrit.

MR. F’S AUNT an old lady.

NANDY, John Edward, father to Mrs. Plornish.

PANCKS, collector of rents for Mr Casby.

PLORNISH, a plasterer, one of Mr. Casby's tenants

Mrs., his wife.

RIGAUD, alias Blandois, alias Lagnier, a scoundrel who blackmails Mrs. Clennam.

RUGG, Anastasia, daughter of Mr. Rugg.

Mr., Mr. Pancks's landlord a collector of debts.

SPARKLER, Edmund, son of Mrs. Merdle by her first husband; marries Fanny Dorrit.

STILTSTALKING, Lord Lancaster, in the Circumlocution Office and a representative of the Britannic Majesty abroad.

TATTYCORAM, see Beadle. Harriet.

TICKIT Mrs., cook and housekeeper to Mr. Meagle.

TINKLER, valet to Mr. William Dorrit.

TIP see Dorrit, Edward.

WADE, Miss, a discontented woman who entices Tattycoram  from Mr. and Mrs. Meagles.

WOBBLER, Mr., a clerk in the Circumlocution Office.

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